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Everywhere around the world, plumbing services are a must. Our company ensures sound and accurate plumbing services. As we are located in the Blue Mountains, we have all the large fleet equipment to provide emergency services efficiently and quickly. The plumbing system’s best performance can only be achieved through outstanding plumbing installation. When we have the privilege of taking care of you as our valued customer, we can fix all your plumbing needs and problems by providing the following services.

Our Services:

Installation: By properly evaluating your current plumbing system, our experts located in the Blue Mountains will help you in making recommendations for an upgrade or new fixture installation. We do install taps, sinks, pipes, etc.

Blocked Drains: If your sink or the main drain is blocked, our experts can tackle and clear all your blocked drains, choked pipes and floor waste traps and sinks quickly.

Heating and gas: Our technicians are heating and gas experts. They can easily repair boilers and can work on both commercial and residential appliances.

Leaks: Water leaks can cause severe problems. Most leaks are repaired quickly and on the spot. Some leaks are visible and some are hidden. We use state-of-the-art technology to locate the leak and can fix all sorts of leaks. We repair underground or concealed pipes, including copper/stainless steel pipes etc.

Hydro jets: Sometimes people face continuous clogged drain. Our plumbers can fix this problem with hydro jets. Hydro jets are refined drain removers that have a high-pressure hose attached to one end. Hydro jet hoses are connected to a machine and with the addition of water pressure the drain will become unclogged. They are environmentally safe and can be used commercially or at home because they don’t have harmful chemicals.

Toilet Jack: When the pipes are weak, our experts use a toilet jack. It is used for confined spaces and has a long metal tube with blades. The corkscrew auger is placed on one end and a crank on the other. The auger part goes into the drain and cable extends to the clog and then with a twist it opens the clog. J bend plumbing toilet jacks are used for toilets and straight ones are used for sink drains.

Bathroom Plumbing: Bathrooms are the most frequently used facilities when it comes to plumbing so our company provides satisfying services according to the functionality. New bathroom faucets will prevent potential leaks and damage and will increase the residential, industrial or commercial property value.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The most basic form of plumbing is cleaning and maintenance. For hygiene purposes cleaning is important and then, maintenance is required to provide consistent operation.

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