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Instantaneous Hot Water

The instant hot water system is also known as continuous flow hot water system. It can be available in both gas and electric models. They don’t occupy much space and are cheaper compared to other hot water systems. Their size is determined by peak demand instead of the number of users. As a person uses it, instantaneous means it never runs out of hot water and the flow rate of an instant hot water system is maintained. The gas instant hot water system is widely used when compared to electric instant hot water systems.

  • Instant hot water system water quality: The water quality of the instant hot water system is the best, clean and fresh. As there is no tank, water is not stored, resulting in no rust and any other harmful material.


  • Instant hot water system is eco-friendly: Instant hot water systems produce less gas and they are eco-friendlier as they produce 75% less CO2 emissions than other systems and making them better for the environment.


  • Instant hot water system size and aesthetics: Instant hot water systems need less space because they are smaller in size. Because they don’t dominate the exterior appearance of the home, they are a better visual option. They can be placed or mounted on a wall.


  • Instant hot water system life duration: Instant hot water systems have a better life span compared to other systems. Their life span is about 20 years and an instant hot water system warranty lasts for about 10 to 12 years.


  • Instant hot water system with a reduced pressure: An important factor for an instant hot water system is that it delivers water with reduced pressure. With a standard unit, if one tap is on, it will deliver enough water. However, if two taps are on, the pressure is reduced along with temperature. And for that purpose, one needs a high- pressure unit.


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