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Blocked Drains & Repairs

Blocked drains are a huge problem and an inconvenience. They are messy and a nuisance. They can cause bad odours and can even cause health issues. Blocked drains can block pipes, which can be problematic. Hence, if you call Blue Mountains Plumbing, they are the ones who can identify where the blockage is and easily get the problem sorted out. Throughout the world, people encounter the most common plumbing problems of blocked drains. It can damage your home or business if left untreated. It can cause water leakages and pipes can burst because of it. Highly skilled plumbers can solve this issue of clearing blocked drains by applying different methods. 

Blocked Drain Signs:

  • Strange gurgling noises from drains and plug holes
  • Strong odours coming from the drains
  • Drains are overflowing
  • Toilet water level rises higher than normal
  • Blockage creating a sluggish flow
  • Damp signs on the walls or floor


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