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New Homes

Building a new home can be very rewarding as you can style them to your own taste. You can for example choose the materials, lighting, fixtures, cooling, heating and plumbing systems. To choose the plumbing system in a new home, you need to know what type of pipes and fittings are best suited to drainage, sewer, water supply etc. Plumbing features can give your new home a modern look. Your best resource is a plumber from Blue Mountains Plumbing and Hot Water who can actually install these modern plumbing features in your new home.

Plumbing Tips for a New Home:

Below are some plumbing tips for a new home.

  • New Home with water and energy conservation

A new home should have water and energy conservation which must be incorporated in such a manner that it will use less energy and water  resulting in lower cost in the long run. You can have a tankless water heater that conserves both water and energy as it  provides hot water only when required. Low flow faucets can also help in conserving water. This method of water and energy conservation will also protect the environment.


  • New home diversion of wastewater and irrigation system

These days new home plumbing lines are fixed in such a way that the wastewater can be diverted into an irrigation system instead of the sewer line. Bath and laundry water can be used for an irrigation system.   Use of grey water will reduce water consumption and bills will be lower.


  • New home faucets and showers

Bathroom and ensuite fixtures can give a touch of luxury to a new home. Showerheads and faucets should be fixed in such a way that water flows easily and selected to create a modern look.


  • New home with quality material

New homeowners should invest in high-quality materials for their plumbing needs. When installing a plumbing system, it is necessary that you choose the right material -your plumber from Blue Mountains Plumbing and Hot Water can help. Pipes should be fixed properly and they must not cause any noise. Careful choosing of faucets, taps and eco-friendly plumbing fixtures is recommended.

When designing a home, the water supply, drainage system, pipe size and routing, placement and identification of pipes need to be considered so that they can easily be repaired in the future. Kitchen, laundry and bathroom should be located in close proximity together to reduce the length of the pipes.


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