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7 Common Mistakes Beginner Plumbers Make

No doubt, plumbing can be one of the most difficult tasks to tackle in the home. There are relatively easy tasks like fixing a water pipe leak, but there can also be potentially difficult ones like gas leaks which could get very dangerous very quickly.

You may want to do your own plumbing to save money, or you may just be starting out as a professional Plumber Springwood,either way as a beginner plumber, there are a few mistakes that are common to beginner plumbers which you should avoid.

1.    Leaving the Water Turned on

One of the most common mistakes beginner plumbers make is forgetting to turn off the faucet, tap, or valve.

Turning off the water outlets very important for all water-related projects. Unfortunately, many beginner plumbers fail to do this which later results in the water gushing out, creating a household flood and messing up the home.

Before beginning a project, know your household piping network and turn off the valve that’s linked to the main water source before beginning your plumbing duties.

2.    Over Tightening Connections

Fixtures like bolts, supply tubes or other pipe fittings are usually over tightened by beginner plumbers. As a beginner plumber, it is important to know the right amount of force needed to tighten a plumbing fixture. Learn to tighten them properly because excessive tightening can lead to the breaking or cracking of your fixtures which will result in further problems.

Over tightening supply tubes and plastic fittings in your bathroom or toilet is also common among beginner plumbers. Such fixtures require only little amounts of pressure as excessive tightening could break them and cause leakages.

3.    Heating the Solder

The solder is the metallic alloy that joins metallic surfaces together, but heat should not be applied directly on it. This is a common mistake that may be especially committed by a professional Plumber Springwood. They misguidedly believe that heating the solder instead of the copper, would simply go on to melt the solder to the joint. While the torch would melt the solder, it wouldn’t flow into the joint.

The proper way to melt the solder is to heat the copper joined to the solder until it gets hot enough to melt the solder to the joint. Solders melt at low temperatures and are absorbed into a joint to bond with the copper, but first, the surfaces must be prepared properly. The joint must be cleaned, abraded and shielded against heat-induced oxidation to create a watertight joint, otherwise, the joint will leak.

4.    Working Without Proper Permit

Performing household plumbing without the necessary permit is also a common mistake among beginner plumbers. Without pulling the necessary permits, making major changes to your home’s plumbing could devalue your home making it take longer to sell and potentially reducing your sell price.

Whenever major changes like bathroom installations or re-piping are made, it is important for homeowners to prepare the proper permits to enable building officials to have oversight over your home’s improvement projects. Permits will cost you some money, but it will ensure that your plumbing is done properly and save you from losing money to fines in the long run.

5.    Mismatching Fittings

This is a common mistake that could happen to any Plumber Springwood. Mismatching iron pipe threads or flare compression threads could lead to gas leakage and this could cause a fire hazard. Purchasing a gas connector kit is the safest thing to do. The kit already has the necessary specialty fittings needed to make a gastight transfer to your appliance.

6.    Lacking Necessary Tools

This is especially common among homeowners who have decided to do their plumbing themselves. Whenever a professional Plumber Springwood comes to do some professional plumbing work, it may look easy because they have the appropriate tools, but when you as a  homeowner decide to do it yourself without the appropriate tools, things could go very wrong very quickly.

There are certain fittings that require specified tools which would help make the job easier and avoid unnecessary hassle. Using random tools for any plumbing project could lead to serious damages and cost you even more to hire a professional.

7.    Using Drain Cleaners

The best way to unclog your sinks and drainage is by using drainage cleaning tools, but unfortunately, most homeowners take to Drain line cleaners for their drainage which often does more harm than good. The chemical will often have a lasting effect on their galvanized plumbing and lead to pipes becoming corroded and causing leakages.

There are a few alternatives to using Drain Cleaners like getting a drain snake or taking to natural means like using a baking soda and vinegar solution to clear your clogged drainage. But if these methods don’t work, it would be best to hire a professional plumber to handle the issue.

Plumbing is a tasking job that requires a lot of foreknowledge and skill. For a beginner Plumber Springwoodor just regular house owner, it could be challenging to know when a project is beyond you, so consulting a skilled professional plumber before taking the job is the best way to go. Remember that taking on a task without the prior or proper knowledge could cost you a lot in the future, so it is best to stay on the safe side by getting proper help for your household plumbing projects.

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