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5 Tips To Help You With Your Blocked Drains 

Having unclean water stored and accumulate in a place results in stagnant waters, it is this sort of accumulation that leads to the spread of diseases, there could be several reasons for the water to store and accumulate in a place, one of which is the blocked drain. 


Drain blockage resulting in non-flowing water can be very frustrating with the foul smell emanating from it, as well as the delays it puts on your plans for the day and the unwanted costs it adds to your budget. There are signs to show you that your drains are blocked, when your drain is overflowing or not flowing at all, the terrible smell and the gurgling sounds also tell you that something is preventing the free flow of water through the pipes 

Probable Causes of your blocked drain 

Drains were designed to allow the passage of water, and in a few cases like the toilet drain pipes waste and toilet tissues are also allowed but everything else should be bagged. When you start stuffing other materials like leftover food or oil, grease, wet wipes and sanitary pads into your drains or toilet bowls, it causes blockage of drains. Ensure that nothing else is flushed other than water, toilet waste and toilet tissue, but if you do, check out the tips below and then seek the professionals in blocked drain in Springwood to help you with your blockage, they are trained and equipped with the right tools to help you. 

5 tips for unblocking your drains 

The blockage of your drains can be a nightmare, not counting the irritation that comes with leaks and burst pipes, blocked drains can be very unhygienic. Check out these tips for you to try to unblock your drain. 

  1. Boiling water
    The extreme temperature of boiling water breaks up the weak adhesion of some substances that get clogged in the drains of your home. This method of unblocking drains is very environmentally friendly as no chemical is used, but it is ideal for smaller drains. 
  2. Plungers
    The plunger dislodges smaller blockages and in a vacuum-like way removes the blockages. You can then pour water into the drain to flush it and keep the drain clean.  
  3. Wire hanger for fishing. The malleable wire hanger is one very effective way to remove debris from blocked drains, you can fold the hanger into a hook and use it to fish out the object causing the blockage. This tip can be helpful if what is causing your drain blockage is within your view in the pipes, it could be tree root in which case using the hanger will have no effect and the best option is to reach out to the specialists in the blocked drain near you in Springwood. 
  4. High-pressure jet blaster
    With the aid of high powered hydro-jet blaster, debris is removed from pipes with a sharp and powerful burst of water, the blocked drain service centre in Springwood always carries a jet blaster which would be hilarious for you to have at the ready when you want to use the jet blater to eject the blockage from your drain 
  5. Baking soda and vinegar
    Adding natural or caustic cleaners can be helpful in breaking apart the blockages, especially by mixing them with hot water. Pouring a cup full of baking soda and vinegar after pouring the hot water breaks the blockages apart or dissolves them. however, you have to be careful when applying the cleaners or better still seek professional help from the
    blocked drain specialists in Springwood. 



These tips are not meant to give you a job, rather they act as a point of reference when your drains start giving you problems. It is best to hire our blocked drain professional in Springwood who would with his tools observe and find out what’s causing your drains to become faulty and also provide an effective solution. 


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