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10 Common Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Fix them

Whether they carry waste or water, nobody likes the blocked drains. Blocked drains and pipes may begin as minor issues, but it inflicts major damage and expense if you neglect them. Some people may wonder how to fix it by themselves. However, some seek help from blocked drain specialists in Blaxland or wherever they live. Before you find a solution for your blocked drain, you need to identify why it occurs. Having knowledge about such issues can help you fix your problem, but you can also get an idea about avoiding such situations in the future. 

Read on to this article thoroughly to learn the 10 most common causes of a blocked drain, along with a perfect solution!

  • Hair 


This is one of the most common causes of a blocked drain. We all lose hair, and it is normal. Long hair is more noticeable than short hair, but these can also contribute to blocking the drains and pipes as long hair does. Your hair can clog showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and laundry wash troughs. And, when they tangle up and cling to other things like soaps, shampoo, dirt and grease, your drain or pipes get blocked due to these. To avoid such problems, make sure to cover your drains with guards and clean them regularly. 


  • Tree Roots

Do you have a big tree in your backyard? If so, then this might also be a reason for having a blocked drain at your house in Blaxland or anywhere you live. Sometimes, the roots of the trees can cause damage to the pipes and your drainage system. This might happen only if you have a tree with a strong root system. A house with large trees can face such problems. These types of blocked drains are quite tricky to fix but not impossible. A professional plumber can help you because they contain all the necessary tools to handle such situations. 


  • Fats and Food

Some sorts of fats and leftover foods can also cause blocked drains. Fats can be different from grease and come in different forms. From body fat you washed out while bathing to the cooking fat, all are responsible for creating blocked drains. When cleaning the utensils, some of us may rinse down some foods, oils, and fats that can create a mess in the drain. So, whenever you wash your utensils, make sure to put all the leftover material in the bin. 


  • Wipes

This is another common cause for having a blocked drain. As you all know, the use of wipes and toilet paper is increasing day by day. If you use toilet paper in normal amounts, then that could not be a problem. But, for those who use it in excessive amounts, the toilet papers and wipes can cause a blockage to your drains and pipes. So, it is better to throw it in the bins after use rather than flushing it out. 


  • Soap Slurry

Soaps are made of some sorts of fats that can create a blockage when mixed with hair, dirt, and other human waste. But, if you clean your bathing area regularly, then you can avoid such problems for a long time. In fact, there are some easy DIY methods available on the internet to clear such blockages. In case you tried such techniques and failed, then it is time to call a professional blocked drain specialist in Blaxland or your location. 


  • Concrete or tiler’s grout

Such blockage can happen when the concrete or tiler’s grout falls into the drains or pipes. You can’t handle such a problem by yourself. Proper tools and techniques are required to fix it. And, that can only be possible by a professional plumber. 


  • Back-fall of drain pipes

Sometimes, the broken pipes or other ground movements, such as displaced pipes, can cause constant blockage. This can happen due to several reasons, such as wrong pipes installations or poor quality plumbing fitting products. Make sure you use good quality products to avoid such problems. 


  • Foreign Objects

Foreign objects such as sanitary pads and tampons can create a mess in your drains. Never flushed such products in the toilet. Always use bins to throw them out. These objects cannot disintegrate or dissolve in the water and can mix up with other solids. This is how it blocks the drains and pipes. 


  • Heavy Rain and Storms

Blocked drain issues can occur any time in the years, but weather can sometimes make it worse. Storms and heavy rain can come up with dirt and leaves that can cause blockage in the drains. Tree leaves and other waste things can mix up with the rainwater and block in the drain system. As a result, your drains get blocked and do not pass the wastage out of them. At the time of any weather issues, make sure to clean your drains. However, this is not possible all the time. You can’t stop such natural things. So, whenever you are stuck in these problems, don’t forget to call a professional to clear the blocked drains. 


  •  Poor Installation

Poor installations of pipes and drainage systems can also be a reason for having a frequent blocked drain problem. A perfectly fitted pipe and the system is vital to get all the wastage out of the house or building. Pay full attention to its installation to avoid such problems in the future. 


These are the most common reasons for having blocked drains at your home in Blaxland or other areas. Some blocked drain problems are considered to be minor. And, these are possible to fix by yourself. But, this is not the case every time. Most of the time, you need to call a professional plumber to fix your problem immediately. Otherwise, the problem can get worse with time. If you feel it is difficult to identify the issue with your blocked drain, call BlueMountainPlumbing for the best plumbing services. They can have experience in handling and resolving such problems quickly. 

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